Atticus Morgan

Brilliant, cocky, a bit of a bastard.


Morgan is a man in his early twenties, but with sharp eyes, almost blade-like with their intensity. His long blond hair is swept back from running his hand back through it (a nervous habit) and he dresses to a T. Most often he looks like he should belong in a prep school, wearing button-up shirts under sweater vests along with his slacks and shiny black Oxfords. While he may look like a little prep, Atticus spent considerable time as his private high school's fencing team captain and his military father ensured he knew how to use his rifle. His mood is an enigma, as his face rarely changes expression.

Mental Attributes

Intelligence: 4

Wits: 2

Resolve: 2 

Physical Attributes

Strength: 2

Dexterity: 3

Stamina: 3 

Social Attributes

Presence: 2

Manipulation: 2

Composure: 3 

Mental Skills

Academics: 4

Computer: 1

Science (Biochemistry): 3

Medicine: 1

Occult: 2 

Physical Skills

Athletics: 1

Drive: 1

Firearms: 3

Weaponry: 3 

Social Skills

Empathy: 1

Intimidation: 3


Encyclopedic Knowledge: 4

Eidetic Memory: 2

Fighting Finesse: 2 

Other Traits

Willpower: 5

Morality: 6


Vice: Pride

Initiative: 6

Defense: 2

Speed: 10



Atticus Morgan was born to Harry and Rachel Morgan on an Air Force base in Tokyo, Japan. Shortly after his birth, he and the rest of the family requested a permanent transfer to Arkham, MA, where Atticus enrolled in the private high school sister school of Miskatonic University, where he excelled in virtually every class he enrolled in. He also became the captain of the school fencing team and was overly proud of his ability to outshoot virtually anyone in the ROTC team. However, this was not enough.

One thing Morgan rarely had time for (or opportunity for) was a social life. Despite his desperate desire to have friends, his family demanded that he focus on things that could get him ahead in life. As a result, instead of learning how to smile, Morgan learned how to scowl. Instead of requesting, Morgan learned to intimidate. As a result, despite his best efforts, Morgan comes off as an unnerving, eerie sort of person.

At Mizzou, Morgan is a biochemistry major and due to his high grades, he has access to his own personal work station in the grad student labs. The characters only know Morgan through Casey, so should they ostracize her in any way, they will lose their ability to make use of Morgan as well. 

Atticus Morgan

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