Casey Dupree

Sassy, sexy, solid as a rock.


Casey is an attractive 19 year old girl. Her hair is shoulder-length and dyed a deep red (but it's obvious that it is normally a chestnut color) and her eyes a crystal-blue. She tends to wear tight-fitting sweaters that leave little to the imagination as well as track-syle sweat pants and skate shoes. Casey tends to wear a bulky white vest with pockets holding her maps, flashlight, and cellphone.

Mental Attributes 

Intelligence: 2

Wits: 3

Resolve: 3 

Physical Attributes

Strength: 2

Dexterity: 4

Stamina: 3 

Social Attributes 


Manipulation: 2

Composure: 3 

Mental Skills

Academics: 2

Computer: 1

Investigation: 1

Medicine: 1

Occult (Local Legends): 2 

Physical Skills

Athletics (Running): 2

Brawl: 1

Firearms: 3

Weaponry (Bludgeons): 4 

Social Skills

Expression: 1

Persuasion: 1

Socialize: 2 


Resources: 2

Quick Draw

Weaponry Dodge

Fighting Finesse

Other Traits

Willpower: 6

Morality: 6

Virtue: Faith

Vice: Wrath

Initiative: 7

Defense: 3

Speed: 11

Health: 8 


Casey is a perfectly normal girl, growing up in Meridian, Mississippi and spending most of her time hanging out with her friends, shopping, and generally making her father's bank account emptier. While her grades were mediocre at best, she never had to apply herself at anything. She drifted through high school on talent, achieving nothing of real value, and not standing out in any significant way.

Her way of life ended abruptly one afternoon that seemed like any other. While participating in basketball tryouts in college, she had something that felt like a heart attack. In the end, she discovered that she has some sort of arrythmia, something that would effectively prevent her from pushing herself too far physically and perhaps even shortening her life. Since then, she has switched between applying herself more practically and also having little regard for her own life.

She met Wyatt and Stefan while attending one of Stefan's literature classes and has developed at least a classmate's camaraderie with Griff, something which assists the three in becoming a team to brave the fog-covered Columbia. 

Casey Dupree

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