Matt Friedman

Friend of Stefan's


Matt is an average grad student, dressing in blue jeans, t-shirts, a pair of work boots that he wears for no real reason at all. He tends to hide under a hoodie that's too big for him and his light brown hair is in a constant state of disarray. Lately he's developed some dark circles under his eyes and looks like he hasn't slept well in about a week or so.


Matt is a grad student like Stefan, teaching entry-level art and sculpture, his passion. He and Stefan met during a class when they were undergrads and have been friends ever since. A sculptor by trade and by passion, Matt has been known to create beautiful carvings and reliefs which he sells through coffee shops throughout The District. However, lately, his sculptures have taken a fantastical, macabre turn. He claims nothing is wrong, but one has to wonder…

Matt Friedman

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