Devil's Icebox

Campaign Brief 

Campaign Themes

This is an episodic campaign split into 10 chapters, with each chapter (hopefully) tailored to fit one or two sessions of actual play time. This is meant to be a survival horror scenario with some mystery and psychological horror elements as well, à la Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame. This will require some background information on your characters so as to be a more engaging and dramatic setting, so cooperation is appreciated and will make the game more fun for everyone involved.


The campaign takes place on and around the University of Missouri campus, no more than five miles away from it in any direction. This is a present-day scenario, so it is advised that players make their characters so as not to draw the attention of the authorities. Not to say that your character has to be nice.


Wyatt Griffin –– Chance Garton

(Hitherto unnamed) –– Bobby O'Leary 

Devil's Icebox